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Mortgage Glossary

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Revenue Stamps
Formerly federal tax on a sale of real property. Canceled and replaced by state tax stamps.

Secondary Financing
A loan secured by a mortgage or trust deed, which lien is junior to another mortgage or trust deed.

Secondary Mortgage
The buying and selling of first mortgages of trust deeds by banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and other mortgagees.

Real or personal property pledged by a borrower, as additional protection for the lender's interest.

Septic System
A sewage system, whereby waste is drained through pipes and a tile field into a septic tank.

Set Back Ordinance
Regulates the distance from the lot line to the point where improvements may be constructed.

Settlement Statement
A statement prepared by broker, escrow, or lender, giving a complete breakdown of costs involved in a real estate sale.

Sheriff's Deed
Deed given at sheriff's sale in foreclosure of mortgage.

Signed Sealed and Delivered
A phrase indicating that everything necessary to convey has been done by the grantor.

Specific Performance
An action to compel the performance of a contract, when money damages for breach would not be satisfactory.

Statutory Lien
An involuntary lien, includes tax liens, judgment liens, mechanic liens, etc.

Substitute of Trustee
A document which is recorded to change the trustee under the deed of trust.

Tax Lien
Lien for nonpayment of taxes. Tax Sale
Public sale of property at auction by governmental authority, after a period of nonpayment of property taxes.

Tenancy by the Entirety
A form of ownership by husband and wife whereby each owns the entire property. In event of death of one, the survivor owns the property without probate.

Often used interchangeably with the work ownership. It indicates the accumulation of all rights in property, the owner and others.

Title Insurance
An insurance policy which protects the insured (purchaser and lender) against loss arising from defects in title.

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