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Seller's guide

A good agent will do all the work for you. He or she will take control of the transaction and do everything from setting an accurate asking price and prescreening prospective buyers to showing your home and negotiating the final price. Below are some simple guidlines to help you prepare for selling your home.

Hire an agent

If you want maximum exposure, hire an agent. The MLS database contains more than 95 percent of all properties that are for sale and is used by more than 1.3 million agents nationwide. It's a snap for an agent to find all of the homes in a client's price range. And since the listing broker is willing to split the 6 percent commission with any realtor who finds a buyer, there's plenty of incentive to show a competitor's inventory.

Get rid of the clutter

This is the hardest thing for most people to do because they are emotionally attached to everything in the house. After years of living in the same home, clutter collects in such a way that may not be evident to the homeowner. However, it does affect the way buyers see the home, even if you do not realize it. Clutter collects on shelves, counter tops, drawers, closets, garages, attics, and basements. You want as much open clear space as possible, so every extra little thing needs to be cleared away. Take a step back and pretend you are a buyer. Let a friend help point out areas of clutter, as long as you can accept their views without getting defensive. Let your agent help you, too.

Stage your home

With the high inventory of homes on the market today, homebuyers can afford to be choosy. Staging is the act of decluttering, depersonalizing and decorating a home before it's put on the market. By making your house look like a model home, you allow prospective buyers to visualize themselves living there. Make changes that highlight your home's positives and downplay its flaws.

Curb appeal

Improve your landscaping. Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression, so make sure your home's lawn is immaculate. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant flowers.

Take Care Of Any Needed Repairs

Make repairs. In a buyer's market, you want your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of major defects like broken windows or a leaky roof that could discourage buyers.
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